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    Just testing this thing



    Seems to be working.



    Maybe. Maybe not.



    Nope. Not working. Not correctly, that is.

    The spam-blocking plug-in also prevents the administrator from posting (except from the dashboard). WP Spamshield, in case anyone’s wondering.

    I went to the plug-in support page to check for known conflicts. None with bbPress. They have a Trouble-shooting guide. Checked that, followed the appropriate suggestions. Nope. Didn’t fix it. Read through the FAQ. Nothing of use there. So I submitted a support “ticket”.

    And here’s where it all went pear-shaped.

    a) There’s a text block for “other plug-ins”. I only have one other one installed (bbPress, which is running these forums). The contact form errored out because that field was “to short”. Really?? You fail to believe that someone might only have one other plug-in? Or none? I mean… sure, I’ve got some installs where the plug-ins page reads like a who’s-who of WP developers. But sometimes people *do* keep things simple.

    b) Apparently, the contact form has some sort of tracking integrated with it. You have to check a box that says “I went to the Troubleshooting and FAQ page” (which I had). But when I submitted the form, it kicked me back because “I hadn’t gone to the pages”. I opened the pages in other tabs (so as not to lose everything I put in the contact form). Apparently, that doesn’t count. And going there first doesn’t count. You have to go from the contact form to the other pages (which requires back-buttoning, because you can’t get to them from each other).

    This has been a seriously pissy weekend for dealing with people who don’t understand basic customer service.

    Heh… In the other forum that’s been annoying me, I volunteered to give a half-day work shop and write a best-practices handbook on PR / CSR. But considering that one moderator got all huffy and insisted “we’re unpaid volunteers, we shouldn’t have to know PR/CSR skills!”, I’m guessing they won’t take me up on it. That’s okay. It gives me something to write for Geekistan.com (which I’ve been seriously neglecting).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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