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    I know some of you watch the “British Comedy Ensemble Excuses”–you know… all those “game shows” that exist just so all those wonderful comedians have something to do during normal working hours. QI, 8 out of 10 cats, Peep Show… all those.

    Half the fun of the shows is the banter, and the other half is learning fun (and usually pointless) facts. The banter is blunt, bawdy, and beautiful. Do you think something like that could survive with an American audience?

    I ask for 2 reasons:
    1) I’ve been out of the US for 5 years, and have lost touch with the reality of things. All I know is what I see online–which is, obviously, distilled and viewed through several different filters. I have a feeling that Jezebel, Million Moms, and and the entire student body of Brown University would meld together into a mutant voltron of outraged victimhood.

    2) I have an idea for such a show–done entirely online. It would be a “traveling panel quiz show” with a host and 4 geeks. It would play with obscure facts, twisted truths, and bold-faced lies, the goal being to discover and correct the lies, learn neat new things, and have geeky fun. The prize for the winner is the opportunity to host the next show–with the guests of her choice.


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