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    Sans Everything Obvious


    SEO is a “game” in which winning really doesn’t matter. It’s more about teaching, learning, interacting, and having fun.

    For the participants, the purpose is to participate in something which will generate natural publicity and, therefore, natural links back to their website (or the website of their choice). In other words: Good SEO. Part of the format will be to do a 10-15 second introduction of each guest (written by the guest) which can hype their website. If the guest doesn’t have a website, or chooses not to hype it, they may choose to donate their publicity to the website of a charitable organization (e.g., “Tonight, Sue Smith is playing on behalf of the Smalltown Animal Shelter ( Little kittens need your help.”)


    For each show, the moderator chooses a topic. It should be a very broad topic such as “food” or “animals”. The broad topic allows for creativity.

    The Moderator invites 3 guests. Each guest brings 5 “facts” based on the topic of the show. The facts should be obscure, interesting, debatable, and/or weird. The primary purpose is to get the guests talking. The game is just an excuse to start the conversations.

    Each panelist is allowed ONE “false positive”–a fact that isn’t actually a fact (urban myth, misconception, etc).

    Each fact must have a verifiable source (URL), these are to be sent to the moderator to be added during editing.

    In turns, each panelist poses a question (of their facts) or presents the fact as an interesting point. The panelists talk about the fact; asking questions, adding insight, and telling fun anecdotes. The moderator only steps in to curtail things if they get out of hand, or to move things along if they get slow.

    Points are awarded for:

    Funny +1
    Interesting trivia +1
    Stump the panel +2 (Nobody is able to find evidence about your fact)
    Refute the fact +3 (Prove someone’s “true” fact is false)
    Call Bullshit +5 (Identify someone’s “false fact”)
    Pull the Wool +5 (convince the others that your false fact is true)

    Proven false -5 (Someone shows your “real” fact is actually false)


    At this point, production is going to have to be a hack. The moderator and guests will need 2 cameras–one for Skype (the platform for the live interaction) and one to capture local video to be used in editing the final product. This will not only provide better quality for the final product, but will mean the editor won’t have to deal with lag, low-quality feeds, dropped feeds, etc. This should be a global project, so dealing with these tech issues is important.

    Additionally, all the raw feeds will be available under a CC BY-SA license, so others can take them and create their own edits


    This is a first-draft of my ideas. I welcome any and all constructive comments.

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    We’ve got two panelists lined up. Still looking for one or two more.

    Talking with Rosa, she suggested using Google Hangouts instead of Skype for the shared video-chat part. I’m cool with that. I think most people who would be interested in this have a google account (if only for their Android phones).

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