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    • Creative Engineering
      Jury-rigging.  Ghetto engineering. Maker space.  It's all tinkering. Need a "thing" built, but don't know how?  Know how to build a "thing" and want to share?  This is the place.
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    • Fight Club
      Politics, religion, Packers vs. Bears, Vi vs. eMacs...  This is the place it's all fair game. WARNING! This is NOT a "safe space".  Entrance into the forum constitutes consent.   Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
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    • Kith & Kin
      Geeks have families.  People with families often need advice and assistance. Especially when it comes to kids. This is the forum for all the parents to ask, share, offer, suggest, warn, rant, and/or beg about all that "family stuff".   It's a consortium of moms & dads, grandpas & gradmas--and a few even higher than that.
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    • 10 months ago